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Geothermal water in Bulgaria - Real Energy Source


Dr. Stanko Shtrakov 1 , Hristo Hristov 1 , Nadia Nikolova 1 , Dr. Plamen Gramatikov 2

1 -Ecothermengineering Ltd, 1126-Sofia, 11 Dimitar Dimov str., BULGARIA;

Tel.: +(359 2) - 263216; Fax: +(359 2) - 689137, E-mail: Stanko@aix.swu.bg

2 - South - West University A Neofit Rilski @ , Dept for Alternative Energy Sources, 66 Ivan Mihailov str., 2700 - Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA ;

Tel./fax. +359 - (0)73-20767; Fax: +359 - (0)73 - 29325 E-mail: PSGramat@aix.swu.bg


Bulgaria has one of Europe = s richest renewable energy resource bases. It is endowed with extensive forests. It has one of the world = s most developed and intensive agricultural bases. Bulgaria has an important small hydro resource base has been successfully exploited to generate electricity for nearly one hundred years. The country = s rich solar resources have been used for thousands of years for crop drying. Traditional Bulgarian architecture has incorporated passive solar designs for hundreds of years. Other renewable resources, including municipal and industrial wastes offer good opportunities for energy utilisation.

Many research matters carried out in Bulgaria show that geothermal energy is one of the most effective renewable resource. Geothermal resources have been used for thousands of years as both a source of energy and for health reasons. These are plentiful and are distributed upon all territory of the country. Modern installations for space heating in buildings and greenhouses date from nearly one hundred years ago. The type and nature of the Bulgarian geothermal resource are low enthalpy. Geothermal waters in Bulgaria have small minerals = content and for main sources it is below 1 gr/l.