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Solar hot water installation with stratified accumulation

Stanko Shtrakov, Anton Stoilov,Dimitar Manolev

South-West University „Neofit Rilski”, Dept of Physics,

66 Ivan Mihailov Str., 2700 – Blagoevgrad , Bulgaria ,

E-mail: sshtrakov@abv.bg , antonstoilov@abv.bg


Abstract : Domestic solar hot water systems perform more efficiently if they use thermally stratified accumulation. A special system for investigation of thermal stratification accumulators was built in South-West University in Bulgaria in 2002. This system presents possibilities to work in different regimes of thermal accumulation and climatic conditions. The experimental apparatus allow working in direct or indirect configuration of installation. Many experiments were performed to specify the optimal regime's parameters of installation. The results of the studies show that by appropriate choice of the parameters, efficiency of the installation can be improved considerably. A computational model and computer program for heat exchange process in accumulation tank was created. The theoretical model was verified with experimental data. A good correspondence between theoretical and experimental results was achieved.