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Program service for monitoring system

of solar drying system


Stanko Vl. Shtrakov, Anton Stoilov, Ivan ?askov

South - West University “Neofit Rilski ” ,

66 Ivan Mihailov Str., 2700 - Blagoevgrad , BULGARIA ,

E-mail: sshtrakov@abv.bg , antonstoilov@abv.bg


Abstract: The program service for monitoring systems is important part of technical and software equipment for scientific researches. In this paper it is presented one possibility for using visual programming environment DELPHI for realization service of monitoring system for testing. The real experimental device, which the developed program service supports, is a solar drying-room. The base output information through microcontrollers, sent from this device is values of the 12 thermo sensors and 3 humidity transmitters. The interface for data receiving is COM port of the computer. The program application stores data in files and shows selected and transformed data in table and graphic mode. It supports time diagrams, on/off switchers of data flows and some other settings. After receiving the data are archived in database format. The program supports possibilities of making the reports for different periods and sensors and output in text file and Excel format.

Keywords: Program service, microcontrollers, transmitting protocol, Delphi components