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Computer programs for solar energy conversation

This is a program package for solar applications

Programs processed a great quantity of meteorological data for a geographical region, found in the climatic reference books with a varying extents of completeness. The result is the daily level of sun radiation and its components (direct and diffuse) for an area with arbitrary slope and orientation for ana arbitrary day of year.

Different solar equipment can be analyzed for energy and economical efficiency. These include: solar installations for hot water, Swimming pools, Solar drying installations and others.

SOLINST is a program for an optimal selection of the collector area at given hot water consumption, orientation and slope of the collector surface and climatic region. As a result variants of different areas of the collector field are obtained, characterized by the following data: correlation between the sun gained energy and that from the additional source to achieve the given water temperature for each month of the year and mean year efficiency factor.

SOLCOLL is a program for simulation calculations of solar collector performance. Different models of solar collectors can be investigated by this program.

SOLDRY is a program for calculations of solar drier system.

SOLPOOL is a program for calculation of heat processes in swimming pools.



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